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APC Compliance offers accurate advice and valuable support through a complete range of services.


Regulatory Compliance


Our dedicated Regulatory Compliance team, experienced in global jurisdictions' unique regulatory frameworks, ensures your compliance seamlessly. Services include:

  • Annual Internal Audit Report

  • Risk Management

  • Capital Adequacy Consulting

  • Reporting Support & Outsourcing

  • Manuals Preparation

Anti-money Laundering Compliance

Given the strict legislative frameworks by EU regulators against money laundering offenses, we offer comprehensive AML/CFT services to enhance your internal procedures, including:

  • Monitoring and assessment of policies, procedures, and measures;

  • Custom Anti–Money Laundering Manuals preparation/update;

  • Risk-based Customer Identification (KYC) and due diligence procedures;

  • Construction of clients’ economic profiles;

  • Assistance in identifying "red flags" and suspicious activities;

  • Development of Internal Reporting Procedures and client on-boarding policies;

  • Transaction monitoring methodologies for unusual behavior.

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Judicial system

Sanctions Compliance

In the complex regulatory landscape, our firm provides sanctions compliance services to mitigate risks and align operations with global requirements, including:

  • Expert opinions on sanctions;

  • Query support and case handling related to sanctions packages;

  • Sanctions Compliance Manual preparation;

  • Compliance assistance under legislation covering sanctions.

Regulatory Compiance
AML Compliance
Sanctions Compliance
Reviewing the Laws


APC Compliance expertly manages the preparation of essential documentation and advises on the licensing application process for authorization in various sectors. Our services include obtaining:

  • Cyprus Investment Firm License from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC);

  • E-Money (Electronic Money) or Payment Institution License from the Central Bank of Cyprus or any other EU Authority;

  • Fund Manager License (AIFM or UCITS Management Company), and licenses or registrations for Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) or UCITS funds from CySEC or other EU Authorities;

  • Banking License from the Central Bank of Cyprus or any other EU Authority;

  • Crypto-asset service provider registration by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission or any other EU Authority.

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Seminars / Training

  • APC Compliance offers tailored training and seminars to impart necessary knowledge and skills for addressing business operational challenges, covering:
  • International AML/CFT Standards;

  • AML Directives, Guidelines, and Circulars;

  • Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Red Flags;

  • AML/CFT Risk Assessment;

  • KYC & CDD;

  • Investigation Responses;

  • Annual Reporting Requirements;

  • Risk Management Policies;

  • DAC 6.

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Since 25 May 2018, GDPR has imposed specific obligations on data-collecting entities within the EU. Our GDPR services ensure compliance through:

  • GDPR Audit and Manual;

  • Privacy Policies for employees and clients;

  • Website Privacy Policy;

  • Record of Processing Activities;

  • Data Protection Impact Assessment;

  • Data Retention Policy.

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mikhail-pavstyuk-EKy2OTRPXdw-unsplash (1).jpg

DAC 6 

The DAC6 EU Directive mandates disclosure of cross-border arrangements by EU-based intermediaries since 25 June 2018.

Non-compliance penalties are significant. Our services include:

  • DAC6 procedures manual;

  • Review and assessment of arrangements/transactions;

  • Reporting file preparation in xml format.

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